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Why Shopping Appeals to Most of Us

We live in a consumer society. What does that actually mean? Well, not many of us make anything these days. Manufacturing is a dying industry, here in the west, with most stuff being made in China and other low wage paying developing countries. Most of us work for a living in service industries or, perhaps, in a profession. The stuff we like to buy is primarily made elsewhere. Why shopping appeals to most of us, is that it rewards us materially for our industry. Whether it is a new pair of shoes, a dress, a shirt or jacket, or something more substantial, these consumer items are our baubles in the capitalist system.

Shopping Is Our Reward

Shopping is our pat on the head, our reward for towing the line and playing the game. Purchasing things makes us feel like that we are winning the game. The world has become this giant shopping centre, where we all wander about in our free time grazing and shopping. We are like herd animals moving from boulevard to avenue, with trough time inside the Westfield mega malls surrounded by other similarly motivated animals. Why shopping appeals to most of us, is because it is the main show in town.

Hunter Gatherer Activities

Shopping has strong roots to the hunter gatherer activities from our ancient pasts. Spearing a bargain and digging up a special have echoes to that pre-agrarian lifestyle we all once lived. Shopping is a stronger force in the lives of women, as they are traditionally the nurturers in our communities. Sourcing sensational food is popular with both genders, as we inhabit a more multicultural smorgasbord in many of our western cities in the 21C.  Greater varieties of restaurants and cafes is one of the advantages of the clash of civilisations in 2018.

Gratify Our Materialistic Needs

Sharing shopping secrets via social media is a favourite pastime of many. Twitter lights up with messages about new eateries. Instagram is awash with shots of food and people enjoying chowing down on sensational dishes. Facebook, similarly, likes to share stuff about good times and favourite cafes. We seek new pleasures within the safe parameters of our shopping centres. We rarely go outside of these consumer palaces. We build our shopping centres ever larger and more ostentatious to gratify our materialistic needs. Why shopping appeals to most of us, is our desire to have more and more cool and new things.

Digital Marketing Delivers More for All

Digital marketing has quickly grown in popularity and more and more businesses are looking to digital marketing to help their business achieve success. With traditional marketing proving costly and difficult to track, the benefits of digital marketing not to mention the significantly increased geographical reach, are abundantly clear to all.

This marketing is not simply for big corporations or businesses that have online products or services; digital marketing is about spreading the word about your business, growing your brand recognition and generating more and more leads. Whether you are a brand new start-up with no online presence, or are an existing business that is new to the web world, there are a number of benefits that will work in your favour.

As a business, you are already aware of the amount of competition you have for clients and customers. Fighting to have the cheapest prices, the best special offers and services like no others will set you aside from competitors for a short while, but inevitably they will catch up and you could be back to square one. Traditional marketing, though tried and tested, is not enough to ensure your marketing works. Digital marketing is vast, endless and has a number of different benefits.

The major downfall with traditional marketing is that it is hard to track how well it is working; flyers, brochures and billboard advertising can bring in business but it is nearly impossible to directly correlate new enquiries with the type of marketing that brought it in. Was it your flyer distribution or maybe your advertisement in a local paper? It is hard to know. However, one of the main benefits of digital marketing is that it can be tracked.

PPC advertising, email marketing and SEO can all be set up to track the enquiries that come in via that medium; this allows you to see what type of digital marketing is working, what is not and amend your budget accordingly. Digital marketing can be affordable and tailored to your budget. SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing budgets can range from £100 per month right through to a couple of thousands of pounds per month depending on the type of business and your budget.

There is no set cost for digital marketing and it can be tailored to suit your budget. Additionally, elements such as social media management and content creation can be done in-house by your existing marketing team and can often be done for next to nothing in comparison to costly traditional marketing avenues.

Digital marketing works globally

Whereas traditional marketing is limited to specific areas, digital marketing can be done worldwide. Flyers, posters, advertising and billboards are all only going to be seen by people in your local area and it is hard to attract the attention of those that are further afield. However, a key benefit of digital marketing is that it does not have this problem. Websites, social media platforms and online articles can be viewed worldwide; this opens up your potential customer base and helps your business to grow brand recognition online.

Digital marketing can work for any business, of any size and any location; it is a level playing field. Small start-up companies can compete with much larger businesses for the top spot and budget allowing, there is little stopping them eventually reaching the same success. If you have a professional marketing strategy in place you have all the tools a larger company does.

With a broad range of marketing it is possible to immediately see the results of your efforts and this can show you whether your hard work is paying off. Social media posts can be measured to see how many people have viewed them, comments are immediate and tools such as Google Analytics can provide real time information of how many people are visiting your website.

Seeing That Winning Post

Betting Horse Racing

The eyes are an amazing part of our anatomy. They play a significant role in human interaction. It’s by far the most important organ of sense because we perceive up to 80 percent of all impressions by means of our sight.

Good vision is very important as it plays a vital role in sports performance. For instance, poor eyesight could be the one thing that keeps a good jockey from being an exceptional one. In addition, it can very well be the all-important element or factor that pushes a good jockey into an elite jockey.

In the world of horse racing, nothing affects performance more than the ability to see clearly and correctly. Jockeys, trainers, and owners know very well that clear vision is fundamental for winning races. Even punters looking for free bookmaker bets rely on their vision to find the best deals.

The eyes are connected directly to the brain through the optic nerve which means they lead and guide the body. If jockeys with a well-trained body are unable to use their eyes to their full abilities, they will not be performing at their maximum potential.

Jockeys with vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism need corrective lenses to help them see better. Some use eyeglasses but more prefer contact lenses as it can enhance their performance in many ways. Contact lenses offer a competitive advantage and are favoured for sports and recreation. The advantages include:

  • Better peripheral vision
  • Unobstructed and wider field of view
  • More convenient and comfortable
  • Less chance of fogging up or getting splattered
  • Less likelihood of injury
  • More natural and stable vision
  • Better compatibility with safety equipment

One of the few jockeys known to wear contact lenses while riding is Andrew Thornton. He was nicknamed  “Lensio” and “Blindman” because of this. In his teenage days, he wore great big spectacles and was nicknamed Eddie after Eddie the Eagle when he was riding out for the legendary W A Stephenson.  He has ridden high-class, winning horses such as See More Business, Cool Dawn and French Holly.

Contact lenses are great for those on the horse racing industry, especially the jockeys with vision problems. After all, the horses still rely on them for control, and of course, their unimpeded vision in order to get to the finish line ahead of the others.

Seeing the Grain: A Cabinetmaker’s Vision of the Future

A master craftsman can see the finished product in his, or her, mind’s eye, before they begin the project. Choosing the materials, is as important, as making the piece of furniture, or whatever else it is, perfectly. A cabinetmaker will spend time selecting the right piece of timber, or pieces of timber, for the job. Seeing the grain: a cabinetmaker’s vision of the future. What type of wood will be used, and where the grain runs, will all be carefully assessed by the master craftsman. The potential patina will be envisioned by the cabinetmaker.

Seeing the Grain: A Cabinetmaker’s Vision of the Future

As you can well imagine, eyesight is vital for the artist and craftsman, if he or she, is to achieve perfection. Poor vision can only lead to unrealised dreams and mediocre manifestations. To properly see the wood’s grain, and the possibilities inherent within a slab or section of timber, is essential to the artisan’s craft. Many carpenters and cabinetmakers have been helped with optical aids, like glasses and contact lenses. In the far distant past of medieval times, these skilled artisans would be out of a job, if and when, their sight failed them.

Sydney furniture displaying the mark of the master craftsman is available in selected places. Outlets which value real craftsmanship in their wares. Stores that show and sell superior pieces of wooden furniture. Tables and chairs that bear the hallmarks of design and attention to detail in their production. A fine dining or coffee table can provide a room with a structural and aesthetic fulcrum, from which all other pieces revolve around like satellites.  They bear a relationship to this fine example of alpha furniture, like submissive wolves or apes in a pack or troop.

Furniture like this has been designed and crafted by the master cabinetmaker with perfect vision. It has been lovingly imagined and brought into being by their skill and commitment to perfection. Contact lenses can help the craftsman maintain his craft beyond the normal allotment of years. The experience and knowledge in those hands can keep producing fine furniture instead of retiring into uselessness. Seeing the grain: a cabinetmaker’s vision of the future can envision a longer career with those lenses magnifying the light upon the ocular nerves of their wearer. It is craft helping craft, with the optician aiding the cabinetmaker with his own finely made instruments producing enabled sight.


Vision Impaired Disabilities: Seeing a Clearer Future

Not everyone is born with perfect vision. Others due to unforeseen circumstances were not able to retain their perfect vision. Vision impaired disabilities pose a threat to a huge number of individuals making them a topic that should not be taken lightly. With that being said, with the help of modern age and technology, a number of optical aids have emerged providing timely and effective assistance. Let us explore the various vision impaired disabilities & how optical aids like contact lenses can help some of these people.

It should be noted that the most common visual impairment experienced by a huge number of people all over the world are the refractive errors. Refractive error in general, means that the shape of your eye does not bend light correctly which results in producing a blurred image. Refractive errors fall into different subcategories which include myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (loss of near vision with age), and astigmatism.

Myopia or is commonly known as nearsightedness is characterized by the condition of the eye where light focuses in front, instead of on the retina. This in turn results to distant objects becoming blurry while close objects appear normal. On the other hand, hyperopia is farsightedness is a condition of the eye where light focuses behind, instead of on, the retina.

Contact lenses can provide a wider field of vision and is proved to alleviate the problems of nearsightedness. Farsightedness requires the same approach and correction is usually achieved by the use of convex corrective lenses.

For the aging community, they are prone in developing Presbyopia. This condition is associated with aging of the eye that results in progressively worsening ability to focus clearly on close objects. Since it is considered to be a natural part of the aging process, it can be hard to avoid. A huge number of individuals were able to find relief with eye glasses Typically, the eyeglasses used have higher focusing power in the lower portion of the lens.

Last but definitely not the least of vision impaired abilities that we will be covering is Astigmatism. Astigmatism is characterized as a type of refractive error in which the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina. This in turn results to a distorted or blurred vision at all distances. Patients are given a much wider variety of option with regards to its treatment. This includes glasses, contact lenses, and surgery. Glasses are considered to be the most straightforward solution while contact lenses can provide a wider field of vision to its wearer. On the other hand, refractive surgery decreases or completely eliminates the dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Of course, the surgery option is the one that is considered to be the most expensive of the three and patients need to come prepared both mentally and physical during the procedure.

We’ve mentioned a few of the many vision impaired disabilities that we are experiencing today along with treatment solutions they can consider. It is good to hear that with the help of modern technology, the likes of optical aids have made the lives of people much easier than ever before with regards to their vision. This along with a healthy lifestyle helps keep your vision in top shape. Click here to find out more.

Marketing Health Aids and Therapeutic Products

Businesses rely on their marketing strategy in effectively selling their products or services. Just like in any industries, companies in the healthcare sector also struggle in reaching a wider market and in introducing new or existing products or services. For instance, those that cater the needs of hospitals have to understand how the administrators make a purchase. Moreover, they should also add to the equation the difficulties or challenges that their target market faces. From here, create a compelling strategy that will include ideas for great promotion. These will drive your prospects to make a purchase.

Forbes reported that a new trend is shaking the healthcare industry. “Yesterday’s customer is not tomorrow’s customer”, as the article puts it. Because of this, marketers in the healthcare sector are working on how to understand the penchants of customers. As the market becomes more involved in making health care decisions, companies have to adjust for them to stay relevant.

The Marketing Plan

Before you kick off your marketing campaign, here are some elements that you should keep in mind when creating your marketing strategy.

  • SMART Goals

SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Your business objectives, marketing plan and sales goals should be able to reflect these SMART goals. For instance, set a sales target that should be achieved under a given time frame.

  • Ins and Outs of Your Product or Service

You can effectively market your product or service offering if you know well its ins and outs. With this, you can specifically identify your target market and determine the reasons why they should make a purchase (e.g. How it will help them). Using the gathered data, you will be able to come up with a marketing plan that will ensure sales success.

Health Aids and Therapeutic Products

Advertisements of health aids and therapeutic products can be in the form of print media, online media and traditional media (TV, radio). However, ads that are aimed directly to consumers must be approved first before they are released to the public.

In Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Act of 1989 and the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 regulate the marketing of such goods. These laws will ensure the protection of the public’s welfare and well-being. For instance, an advertisement for a therapeutic product should incorporate the “therapeutic claims” as well as the product’s registration. Moreover, the advertisement must show or include the product’s benefits or the company’s assertion to the product.

Can You See What I See: Seeing Big Things?

Almost every profession requires a good eyesight. Even sex workers and those who do brothel jobs in Sydney need to have a pair of good vision. Without our sense of sight, preparing for our work and most certainly carrying out our jobs will be difficult.

Research shows that poor eyesight has an effect on our work efficiency and output. According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Optometry, vision impairments decrease our work efficiency by 20 percent. In addition, they found out that these impairments cause discomfort. This feeling of uneasiness can either drive us to be mentally absent while at work or be physically absent from work.

Presenteeism and Our Work Output

Admit it; every now and then we have experienced presenteeism. The term is used to describe being mentally out when at work. We are in our offices, but there is no progress with our work. People who are depressed or are feeling extreme anxiety and/or pain are the ones who are frequently troubled by presenteeism. Today, presenteeism is manifested on people who are suffering from visual difficulties at work. 

Data shows that when the number of employees with visual impairments increases, the work output declines. Among the most common visual impairments is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is typical to employees who work with computers. To avoid this, you should take breaks after staring at your computer screens for a long time. Having a quick walk or small talks over the water fountain can take the strain away from your eyes. This quick time off from your work can, in fact, help boost your productivity.

Eye problems have also resulted to nonattendance at work. Eye injuries sustained at the workplace are forcing thousands of employees to take a leave of absence from their jobs. As a matter of fact, statistics show that over 800,000 workers in the United States incur eye injuries each year. Regrettably, these visual impairments could have been averted by using or employing safety precautions.

Company’s Vision and Productivity

Apart from vision impairments, the company’s vision can also influence an employee’s productivity. Having a clear and compelling vision will actually keep you and your employees going. If a worker gets to realize his/her purpose or importance, he/she will make sacrifices that will benefit everyone in the company. Through a vision that engenders belongingness across all levels of employees, employees can and will be productive. 



Seeing What’s on the Plate

As a chef, I am constantly reminded about the visual component of our work. What a dish looks like on the plate is, today, as important as the taste and texture of the dish itself. In restaurants, around the globe, customers want to be visually impressed by the food on their plates. The colours and the shapes all contribute to the total food experience for the fine diner. Indeed, what the interior of the restaurant looks like, also, impacts upon the diner’s experience. What we eat, how we eat, where we eat are all factors in the equation.

Seeing What’s on the Plate

Which leads me to my topic, which is, seeing what’s on the plate; and how a chef’s vision, along with a waitperson’s vision and the supervising vision of a maître de are vital to the success of a fine dining establishment. If the chef and the kitchen staff cannot properly see what’s on the plate, then, how on earth are they going to serve up something visually impressive. When I first started cooking I was always much more concerned with how my food tasted. Obviously, I am still very concerned with that factor, but the look and texture of a dish is equally important to the overall dining experience. The myopic chef and the short sighted cook, cannot do justice to their food, if they are struggling with their optical abilities. Whether it be contact lenses or optical glasses the catering staff must be adequately equipped to see what’s on the plate.

Another important aspect is the overall design of the commercial kitchen and the impact this has upon the chef’s ability to see what’s on the plate. A badly designed kitchen can impair the vision of those working within it, when it comes to plating up and presenting food for the customers. Get more information and great deals on kitchen renovations in Adelaide make it possible to change the way you might see things whilst you are cooking.
At home and professionally, you cannot underestimate the importance of kitchen design to the food that you produce.

The lighting inside your kitchen is paramount to seeing what’s on the plate. Good vision internally and externally impacts upon the cook’s ability to serve up excellent fare. For too long, too many people have put up with laisse fare facilities and equipment when it comes to cooking. Ordinary facilities produce ordinary food. Blind chefs cannot see, just, what’s on the plate.


Sights on an Arousing Future: Stimulating Views

Our eyesight is one of the most important senses in humans. It is of value, especially for men who are known to be visual. Better vision can improve all sorts of areas of our lives, including being inspired in all sorts of ways.

Visual Stimulation

Visual stimuli play a critical role in our sexuality and sex life. In fact, a lot of businesses are footed on the provision of visual stimuli that are sexual in nature. For instance, advertisements on women’s underwear are always seductive and sexually attractive. There are also deals on live cams that prod Internet users to fill in their sexual needs.

Men and women have different reactions when subjected to visual stimuli. The part of our body that deals with all the impetus we experience is our brain. It is also responsible for our feelings and perceptions. The sexual arousal we feel depends on how our brain processes the things we see.

The researchers support the claim that men are generally more visual than women. Based on a study conducted by psychologists, there are higher levels of brain activation among males when exposed to sexual visual stimuli. Our amygdala, the brain’s emotional centre, handles visual cues depending on our gender or sexual preference.

Sexual Response from Visual Fillips

Getting off without a partner is now possible with today’s technology. We can now stream porn clips and movies or chat with strangers and cam girls. But did you know that sexual videos can boost our sex life?

As discussed earlier, we respond differently from visual cues. Traditional sex videos are designed to cater the sexual needs of men. They get easily aroused just by looking at genitalia and people having sexual intercourse. On the other hand, women respond to sexual stimuli when there are emotions involved. They are pretty much drawn into foreplay and sexual talks. This being said, women are also into visual cues. However, their primary focus is not on the genitals, but on the physical features of their partner.

It is important in our sex life, and life in general, that we perceive visual cues, may it be inherently sexual or non-sexual in nature. Therefore, we must take care of our eyes or employ safety precautions that will protect our eyesight.

New Contacts and a Greater Vision About Yourself

Rectifying one’s eyesight is a serious need all over the world. In the United States alone, more or less 160 million Americans utilize corrective aids like contact lenses. While others are opting for the traditional eyeglasses, more and more people have recourse to contacts. In fact, statistics show that the number of those wearing contacts increases by 4 percent each year.

Contact lenses are developed to correct or remedy refractive errors such as astigmatism. Also, wearing contacts gives you an assurance of good ocular health. Some say that once you see things clearly, literally speaking, you get to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. Moreover, you will come to perceive the world in a different perspective. New contact lenses also often to be the first step in a succession of remedial stages, which may include chiropractic therapy and the like. You should contact the nearest clinic for a list of chiropractic services available.

Becoming More Self-Aware

One must acknowledge that he/she has a problem for him/her to become more self-aware. Pensiveness and self-awareness mark the beginning of self-development.

According to psychologists, self-awareness has three steps. First, you should realize and be fully aware of your life’s story. Our understanding of our life shapes our current actions and desired results. Moreover, how we face the obstacles in our life determines how we know ourselves. As we further discover our personality and innermost feelings, recounting the experiences or people that influenced us as a person is a great start.

Next, devote some time every day for reflection. This way, we get to zero in to the things that matter most. We can do this through journals, prayers, meditation, or a simple “me time” while walking or jogging.

The last step is to take into account what other people feel or think about you. We all have attributes that put out people or make them cringe, but we’re not aware of it. By knowing our blind spots and what the people we trust feel about those, we get to be more mindful of ourselves and of the surroundings.

Rome was not built in a day. Becoming self-aware won’t happen in just a snap of our fingers. It will take a lot of reflections and experiences. Nevertheless, correcting first our eyesight with contacts will surely give us the push we need for self-development.