Can You See What I See: Seeing Big Things?

Almost every profession requires a good eyesight. Even sex workers and those who do brothel jobs in Sydney need to have a pair of good vision. Without our sense of sight, preparing for our work and most certainly carrying out our jobs will be difficult.

Research shows that poor eyesight has an effect on our work efficiency and output. According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Optometry, vision impairments decrease our work efficiency by 20 percent. In addition, they found out that these impairments cause discomfort. This feeling of uneasiness can either drive us to be mentally absent while at work or be physically absent from work.

Presenteeism and Our Work Output

Admit it; every now and then we have experienced presenteeism. The term is used to describe being mentally out when at work. We are in our offices, but there is no progress with our work. People who are depressed or are feeling extreme anxiety and/or pain are the ones who are frequently troubled by presenteeism. Today, presenteeism is manifested on people who are suffering from visual difficulties at work. 

Data shows that when the number of employees with visual impairments increases, the work output declines. Among the most common visual impairments is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is typical to employees who work with computers. To avoid this, you should take breaks after staring at your computer screens for a long time. Having a quick walk or small talks over the water fountain can take the strain away from your eyes. This quick time off from your work can, in fact, help boost your productivity.

Eye problems have also resulted to nonattendance at work. Eye injuries sustained at the workplace are forcing thousands of employees to take a leave of absence from their jobs. As a matter of fact, statistics show that over 800,000 workers in the United States incur eye injuries each year. Regrettably, these visual impairments could have been averted by using or employing safety precautions.

Company’s Vision and Productivity

Apart from vision impairments, the company’s vision can also influence an employee’s productivity. Having a clear and compelling vision will actually keep you and your employees going. If a worker gets to realize his/her purpose or importance, he/she will make sacrifices that will benefit everyone in the company. Through a vision that engenders belongingness across all levels of employees, employees can and will be productive.