Coupon code for 1800 contacts

A coupon code for 1800 contacts could benefit anybody who needs corrective lenses, whether because of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Few would object to paying less for something so useful and often necessary as good contact lenses. The merchant in question already offers substantial bargains on such lenses and adding a further coupon discount to that is a welcome lagniappe.

1-800 Contacts was founded in February of 1995 by Jonathan F. Coon and John C. Nichols as a successor to Mr. Nichols’ Discount Lens Club. By unifying its brand name, toll-free telephone number and website address, it’s easy for customers to remember, find and use through whatever means they find convenient. The company has been a success, as shown by its continued prominence and entry in 2008 into a long term agreement with Wal*Mart to align their contact lens businesses.

Although it offers some supplementary products, such as cleaning solution, 1-800 Contacts concentrates predominantly upon offering a wide selection of contact lenses of many different kinds from many different brands. It offers free shipping on orders over fifty dollars and a guarantee that it will offer a better price than any other retailer. All of that is enough to make it highly appealing to the archly frugal or just ordinarily sensible, but a coupon code for 1800 contacts on top of that can hardly hurt.

Prospective customers can buy from 1-800 Contacts by several different means. The obvious approach is to call the toll-free telephone number 1-800-Contacts, the origin of the company. For those who can, another potentially even more convenient method is to visit a Wal*Mart Vision Care Center and place your order there. The most convenient and accessible method is to order through the company website. It’s a convenient service no matter how you prefer to order and a coupon code for 1800 contacts is handy to have for all of them.

Whether you’re looking for bifocals, to correct astigmatism or even to change the color of your eyes 1-800 Contacts offers any contact lens that you could want at the best price you can imagine. Their website offers a full listing of brands and types as well as comprehensive customer service, including extensive answers to frequently asked questions and the ability to chat live with customer service representatives. Everything is convenient to use and oriented toward serving their customers. So, if you have any need for corrective lenses, it’s well worth your time to hunt down a coupon code for 1800 contacts and give them a try.